The Miracle of Adriana

Six-year old Adriana came to the Matagalpa Re-Nutrition Center in April of 2013.  Due to an intestinal disorder and her parents’ limited resources to help her, she weighed only 20 pounds when she entered the Center. She was anemic and unable to eat without severe pain.  She could not even sit up by herself.  Adriana was taken to a pediatric stomach specialist, where she was treated and put on a strict diet.  
Steve Reed with Adriana

Adriana being carried by mission trip participant in April, 2013.

With many prayers and lots of loving care and good nutrition, little Adriana, now seven, has steadily improved.

She can eat anything now and has a very healthy appetite.  The Center purchased a pig in the spring to be ready to eat at their Christmas celebration.  In October, Adriana told Brenda, the Center Director, that she would not leave the Center until she ate the pig at Christmas!  And she did exactly that.  We are grateful to God and to the Matagalpa Re-Nutrition Center for the miraculous recovery Adriana has made.

Adriana eating pork_Dec. 2013