Club Cristiano La Esperanza


Club Cristiano La Esperanza is located in Nicaragua’s capital city of Managua, very close to the community Barrio Villa Guadalupe, from which it draws its student participants.  Club Cristiano La Esperanza provides approximately 90 pre-schoolers; 150 students in the tutoring program for grades 1 through 6; and 20 students, in their scholarship program.  They expect approximately 300 students and youth to participate in various programs in 2018. 

Club Esperanza has the ambitious goal to add first and second grade classes in the next school year which will begin in February, 2018.  In addition, students are provided two nourishing meals each day during the week.  Club Esperanza offers extracurricular activities including a lacrosse team, that plays in a local league, music, art, dance, and English.  The impoverished families of the students participating in Club Cristiano La Esperanza’s programs are very appreciative of the quality of the educational, extracurricular programs, care, and love the staff provide.

The community of Villa Guadalupe was constructed in 2013 to provide more adequate housing with electricity and indoor plumbing for families being relocated out of their subsistence dwellings inside Managua’s municipal garbage dump—the infamous dump known, as La Chureca or “The Wastebasket.“  These families had been living in makeshift shelters fashioned out of scrap materials salvaged from the dump.  The new houses were built with the help of a grant from the Spanish government.  Approximately 1200 people were relocated from La Chureca to Villa Guadalupe.

Participants in Austin Samaritans mission trips have an opportunity to support Club Cristiano La Esperanza by providing needed maintenance at the facilities and interacting with the students to provide special educational opportunities.  Past mission trip participants have enjoyed building a computer lab, refurbishing a garden area, providing Vacation Bible School activities, providing each child with an individual photo of themselves, helping them decorate picture frames for their photo, and taking small groups of students to the Managua Zoo.  Others have painted the security walls around the facility, installed ceiling fans and a water tower, and created an outdoor space where teacher’s can relax.


New Computer Lab…written by Chris Farrington

You may remember last year when our friends from Austin Samaritans in Texas came down to Club Esperanza and donated 10 Netbook Computers (story here).  Back then, we mentioned that we would like to open a computer lab at Club Esperanza to help further our students opportunities for education and advancement.  Well, this past week our friends were back and they made it happen!  Not only did they support the effort financially, they came down and built the shelving themselves, installed electrical and air conditioning, as well as painted the room and varnished the desk!

The world is shrinking and technology is allowing young people from all parts of the World to see things from a greater perspective.  There are so many great opportunities for learning on the web and we do not want our children to be left behind!  This computer lab is going to give them access to the world.  But even more than that we hope to help them to develop the basic computer skills that will give them a real advantage in their future careers.  I am talking about the basics like being able to type correctly on a keyboard, use word processors, and be able to do advanced research on internet resources.  This lab is going to really be a great asset for all of our kids.

We are so excited about this new gift to Club Esperanza!