Colegio Cristiano Presbiteriano

Colegio Cristiano Presbiteriano (CCP) was founded in 1995 by MIPRESCONIC (Mission of the Presbyterian Church of South Korea in Nicaragua) to serve children in the extremely poor Barrio Hialeah in Managua.  Pastor Roh served as its first director and established a strong foundation during his tenure.

CCP has grown to an enrollment of 360 students in 2018.  Classes from pre-kindergarten (four year-olds) through eleventh grade will be offered in 2018.  Eleventh grade is the highest grade in Nicaraguan schools.

The current director is Mrs. Sarah Kim.  Her husband, Pablo Kim, has administrative responsibilities for overseeing the operation of the school.  The couple assumed responsibility for CCP in 2013, bringing with them years of experience in education and mission work.  Under Mrs. Kim’s very capable and caring direction, CCP has flourished.

The AWANA Christian discipleship program, a new mathematics curriculum, and extracurricular music lessons have greatly enhanced the basic educational program.  The construction of a computer lab has introduced valuable computer skills instruction to the campus.

Below you will see CCP’s updates to their school as of April 2017

  • There is a new building with two classrooms and a restroom. The preschooler's are in this building.

  • They have also enclosed the area that was the patio in front of what was a kitchen, and it is now a classroom.

  • They have relocated the snack bar and built a new building for it.

  • A roof over the ball courts has been built to provide shade.

  • They have built a retaining wall along the back of the school and filled in with dirt in the area that had eroded. There is still one stretch along the creek that needs a retaining wall.

Child Sponsorship

You can impact the life and future of students at CCP by opening doors of opportunity and hope. For just a little over $1 a day, you can become a sponsor and help provide disadvantaged children with a good educational foundation, caring teachers, and exposure to the The Gospel - a recipe for a promising and fruitful life.