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John Doty, MD Founder

John Doty, Founder, first participated on a medical mission trip at the invitation of his brother, Jim, in the spring of 1989. For the first time John confronted degrading poverty. He examined emaciated children with rotted teeth and hair a rusty color due to malnutrition. He saw serious untreated diseases causing significant disabilities. Unable to walk away, he decided he needed to be part of the solution. Over the years, John continued to participate in medical mission trips while continuing his medical oncology practice in Austin. Over time more and more folks joined the effort and Austin Samaritans was formed in March 2007. Austin Samaritans quickly grew far beyond what could be accomplished in a few hours each week. The choice was to keep Austin Samaritans small or to let it grow to what God intended by committing much more time and effort. In February 2008, John closed his medical practice to become a full-time volunteer for Austin Samaritans.

Peggy Gentry, Board Chair and Chief of Operations

Peggy Gentry is a Principal, and serves as Chair of the Board, at Alan Plummer Associates, Inc.  Alan Plummer Associates, Inc., is a Texas-based engineering firm serving governmental and industrial clients in the areas of water supply, water conservation, wastewater management and treatment, and quality management of surface waters.  As Chair of the Board and Chief of Operations of Austin Samaritans, she applies the organizational and management skills she has developed in the private sector for the benefit of the organization.  She first became aware of the work being done in Nicaragua by Austin Samaritans by participating in a mission trip.  She was so impressed by the significance of the work being done by the organizations that Austin Samaritans supports that she has continued to seek more meaningful ways to assist Austin Samaritans and its Nicaraguan associates with their programs.

Nancy Kocurek has a background in teaching, working with donors and members at The University of Texas Alumni Association aka The Texas Exes, and is a longtime supporter of Christian global mission work. She has a BA and MS in Education from Trinity University and The University of Texas at San Antonio. Nancy knew and respected Austin Samaritans Founder, Dr. John Doty, through Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church in Austin, TX.  She was excited about the work he and Austin Samaritans were doing in Nicaragua and wanted to be part of it.  A mission trip to Nicaragua confirmed that this was the right place for her to use her skills, she joined Austin Samaritans as Development Director in July of 2010-2015. She considers it a joy to help Austin Samaritans meet critical needs of the poor in the name and love of Christ.

Keith Martinson has a B.S. degree in engineering from the University of Nebraska and a MBA from the University of Texas.  After receiving his MBA, Keith went to work for Arthur Andersen in their consulting division installing large mainframe accounting systems.  Keith retired from the Texas Workforce Commission working as a manager in their data processing department.  Keith is a member of both the Mexico Mission Team and the Nicaragua Mission Team at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church and has gone on numerous short-term mission trips to both countries.  Keith is a charter member of Austin Samaritans and currently is the treasurer.  Keith also volunteers at The Gathering, a program that works with Alzheimer patients, and at the Lady Bird Wildflower Center.

Scott McCreight has a B.S in Industrial Systems Engineering (Texas Tech) and a M.S. in Computer Information Systems (University of Miami) and currently works as a PMO Program Manager for DXC.  Scott has worked for High-Tech fortune 100 companies in Austin, Denver and the greater California area for over 20 years.  He joined the Board April 2009 after visiting Nicaragua with Austin Samaritans.  He soon realized his calling for using his skills and talents in this field and was nominated to the Board of Directors shortly thereafter.  Scott currently serves as IT Director (“Technology Guru”) on projects both in the Mission field as well as in Austin, Texas at HQ.  He has a real passion for travel, working with worldwide teams, and connecting needs with resources.  Some of Scott’s projects include designing a satellite downlink station and wireless backbone system at a hospital for Doctors to communicate with Doctors and staff in the States, installing the first cancer registry for the Country of Nicaragua, designing non-profit websites and SharePoint collaboration systems, configuring worldwide communication systems, and designing /installation of computer labs in Nicaragua and Austin, Texas.

Scott Nance has a B.A. in History and Anthropology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and a Master of Divinity from Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri. Following graduation, he worked as a clinical chaplain in psychiatric and general medical hospitals in the Kansas City area. His work as a chaplain engendered a passion for health care that has never left him. He first became involved with Austin Samaritans when he was a part of a team helping set up a cancer registry in Managua, the very first for Nicaragua. In the course of that project he developed a deep desire to help the people of Nicaragua. Currently Scott serves in the restaurant business in Austin with his sister. Their place is called Annie’s located on Congress Avenue and in the Austin International Airport.

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Scott Richardson is an Information Technology Manager with 20 years of combined work experience in private industry and higher education.  He holds a B.S. degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University and is a long time resident of Austin, Texas.  In 2013 Scott volunteered to help support the technology needs of Austin Samaritans and, through interactions with staff, learned more about our mission in Nicaragua.  Scott’s interest in serving our cause was piqued, and he joined the Austin Samaritans board of directors in June, 2014.


Lydia Chambers, Development Director

Lydia Chambers has resided in Austin 40+ years and has spent most of that time working alongside many local for-profits and non-profits either in a marketing capacity or a development role.  Some of Lydia’s recent contributions include service at the American Red Cross of Central Texas, Jeremiah Program and Foundation for the Homeless. Lydia joined Austin Samaritans with a goal to help grow and strengthen local community and individual relations. Focusing on growth and partnerships will help Austin Samaritans further extend it’s philanthropic arm across Managua, Nicaragua. Opportunities for those living in Managua’s impoverished communities are very limited. Austin Samaritans commits its resources to programs centered on education and health care that increase those opportunities. In addition to Lydia’s commitment to serving positive causes, she enjoys traveling and spending quality time with family and friends.