Hooray for Adriana and the Matagalpa Re-Nutrition Center!

Adriana_Dec. 2013Adriana with her mother just before Christmas 2013.

Austin Samaritans received a Christmas thank you letter from the Matagalpa Re-Nutrition Center, one of the missions we support in Nicaragua.  We were thrilled to read about how well little 7-year old Adriana is doing after being at the center for six months.  An excerpt from the letter reads:

Children all over deserve a healthy happy life but that isn’t always possible. The center provides a shelter for children to help them feel safe and return them to a healthy state.

Your faithful donations you have made the center a reality for these malnourished precious children. They not only receive food but also but are shown the love of Christ through the nannies who care for them.  The nannies are so good to sing praise songs with them before their meals and teach them to pray.

One young girl Adriana, was severely malnourished. One of the nannies told me that one of the first nights that she was there she heard someone singing and when she went searching to find out who it was Adriana. Adriana was singing ‘Lift My Arms Because I don’t have the Strength’. It is a song of someone very weak wanting to praise God. God has healed her and she is a happy healthy little girl.

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