Healthcare Mentoring & Training-1Medical and dental professionals have chosen their professions motivated by a desire to help people. Prompted by a generous heart, they volunteer for medical/dental brigades in developing countries. Austin Samaritans has a different model for delivering improved medical care in Nicaragua, a model that seeks to provide long-term results.
Rather than providing a short-term opportunity for U.S. doctors to deliver health care to the residents of Nicaragua, Austin Samaritans seeks to enhance the level of care provided by the Nicaraguan health care system.  This is accomplished by facilitating opportunities for Nicaraguan and U.S. health workers to collaborate on an on-going basis.

Healthcare Mentoring & Training-2US health workers are introduced to Nicaraguan health workers in their own specialty. The goal is to establish long-term relationships of mutual respect wherein knowledge and techniques can be shared.  Participating U.S. health workers are encouraged to understand the context and constraints of medical care in Nicaragua before making recommendations of ways to improve care.  Once a collegial relationship is established, specific needs, whether material or educational, can be addressed cooperatively.

Emphasis is placed on the transmission of skills and knowledge.  Health professionals use the same skills in Nicaragua that they use at home. A health worker may care for patients or participate in surgery while on the trip. These patients benefit from the care, but many more patients benefit from the transfer of skills and knowledge that occurs.

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